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Naked russian angels

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Related post: Date: Sun, 15 Jul 2007 13:17:43 +1000 (EST) From: Dane Isaac Subject: Rian hairy russian Chapter 4Hi guys heres the next chapter! hope u russian duo tatu enjoy!Rian Chapter 4Rian felt a smooth hand brush his hair away from his russian kiddy porn xxx forehead. He knew it couldn't be naughty lesbian russian brides his mother. nude russian nudist 13 russian org Not his russian sex free father either. His body felt like one giant bruise and his ribs were sex pictures russian sending sharp pain through his sides. He opened one eye. Didn't attempt to open the other, nude video free russian it was russian lesbian pics swollen shut and ached to high heaven. His one eye was blurry and he couldn't see who was in front of him."Who?" He croaked through a dry throat."Shh. russian incest lola It's Jake and Tristian. You're gunna hot russian wemon be ok. Tristian get him some water."There was silence then. "Tristian? Water?"Movement. Rian tried to move lil russian bitches as well but his body screamed in resistance."No sweetie. Don't try to russian women nudes move. You're ok. We'll look after you." Jake's hand continued to smoothen his pictures of russian illegal hair and Rian felt calmer than he had in months."You're ok." Jake continued to whisper.When Tristian returned Jake helped pull Rian's shoulder up so he could drink. It was incredibly painful and Rian cried out. The water was cold and refreshing. Liquid russian celebs life.Jake took charge again. "Tristian can you get a face washer so we can get him russian girls under 16 cleaned up a bit."Tristian left the room again. Jake peered down at Rian with a gentle look on his face. "Can you tell me where it hurts drunk russian fuck horny russians russian incest dvd the most?"Rian stared at him for a moment. "My chest and my face." He rasped out."Can I lift your shirt?" His hand was russian mafia porn still stroking Rian's forehead."My chest is not very good." Rian whispered.Jake chuckled. "I've seen it in the locker room Rian. Its fine, better than blone nude russian recorts good." Jake was horrified at the naked russian angels marbled flesh he saw when he russian colloquialisms and online lifted the shirt. Tristian gasped as he came in."Oh god russian icon painting workshop Rian! Your dad did this didn't he? How could he do this?" Tristian came over and finally getting over his shock sat down next to Rian as well."Ree?" Tristian got Rian to look at him. "You trust me don't russian preggo you?" Tristian asked. "You fuck russian girls know I would never do anything to russian toples hurt you right?"Rian nodded slightly. "Yes.""Let me call my dad. free illegal russian sex Remember what I told you. You can trust him, he would never hurt you but if you stay here your dad will."Tristian watched the emotion flicker over his best friends face. russian baby porno Fear, pain, uncertainty and realisation. Finally it was pic russian sex defeat. He nodded.Tristian left 1000 bad russian pussy to make russian yo pic free the call russian twink vova and Jake resumed his stroking as he could see it was calming Rian down.Rian russian xxx girls gymnastic russian sex watched him for a russian adult passwords moment and asked almost curiously. "Why russian brides fucked do you care?""We're friends Rian. Of course I care." Jake smiled at him."But I was so rude to you. I'm sorry you know. russian moviessex I always wanted to russian hub lists come hang out illegal russian nudists links with you but I russian sister mpg wasn't allowed to. I would've otherwise." Rian stopped russian medical homeopathic advisor talking his throat burning and coughed groaning in pain.Jake moved to slip his arms around him, bracing Rian against russian 13 porn girls his chest and bringing the water to his lips. Rian was starting to feel sleepy and when he finished with the water he snuggled back russian boys porn sites into Jake's chest and almost promptly fell asleep.When Tristian came back into the room, Rian was wrapped securely in Jake's arms and Jake was looking tenderly at Rian's face. Tristian pondered the relationship but put it aside as being momentarily unimportant. He sexy russian girls porn sat nude russian art silently beside the bed and watched the two. Jake seemed unaware that he was being watched as he continued to stroke and pat Rian's forehead. The sound of a car pulling up in the drive pulled both boys out russian nude actress of silence. Jake looking startled over at Tristian to which Tristian smiled reassuringly."Its just my dad." He knew russian porn portals the sound of his dad's car. There were footsteps in the hall and russian porn free previews moments later Tristian's dad appeared at the door."Oh god. We need to get him to hospital."There was a flurry of action and private voyeur russian Jake refused to let go of Rian, insisting nude girl russian he had sweet russians free galleries to carry him down to the car. It seemed a mercy that Rian had russian underground adult sites passed out and couldn't feel any pain. Jake fuck russian pussy nursed him in the back of Tristian's dad's car russian tiny girls as he drove quickly to russian thumbs the hospital.The doctor on duty in the emergency room was horrified to see the extent of the injuries as Jake carried an unconscious Rian inside. Gus russian schoolgirl video talked Jake into handing russian husyfan the boy over then led them down tiny russian escorts to sit down naked hot russian girl while Rian was russian amateur porn rushed through. A nurse came out russian girls galleries nude to talk with Gus and they russian nudist beaches topsites had a murmured conversation in the corner.Tristian looked over at Jake who had his russian porn hands over his face."You like him russian napster of porn don't you?" Tristian blurted out after a minute. Jake looked up startled. "Like in a more than friends sort of way." Tristian added.Jake stared at him for a sexy russian man moment. Then nodded. "Yeah."Gus came back over a moment later."What's going to happen dad?"Gus looked troubled and search engines adult russian took a seat next to Tristian. "The police have been called and a doctor is looking over Rian now. Stay here I'm going to call your mother." He glanced at Jake russian hardcor before he stood russian pussy 16 up. "I'm Gus, Tristian's imperial russian princess clothing dad by the way. I haven't 2 russian schoolgirl sex seen you before.""I'm Jake. I play soccer with Rian."Gus raised his eyebrows sex russian galleries pantyhose and hummed quietly then stood up. "I'll be just over russian snuff fetish there. Come get free russian spanking pictures me if the doctor come out."When he left there was a silence as both boys were lost in their own thoughts.It seemed like ages later when a doctor appeared in the waiting room. Tristian called his dad and he hurriedly hung up and came over."Are you a russian angels defloration guardian or parent of Rian?" He asked of Gus."I'm afraid not. We think russian girls galleries free his father may have done this. My lawyer is coming over soon so we can see if I can get temporary tgp thumbnails russian boys guardianship." Gus was anxious to find out if Rian was ok."Is there any other family around?" The doctor asked looking a bit disturbed at the news."His mother took off recently and I don't think Rian knew where she went." Tristian added in. "His grandparents live in Portsea though.""Do you know any way russian hot pussys to get in contact with them?" The doctor asked."Well they're his father's parents and his last name is Balmont." Tristian shrugged."That's nude russian camp girls all I know.""Alright we'll see if we can russian white tgp get in contact with them. In the meantime he is asking for Jake and Tristian, he was very petite russian girl getting a bit agitated so russian petit sex we had to mildly sedate him but you top russian porn may go through and see him if you like."Both boys nodded. russian angels tits Gus told them he would wait for his lawyer. The boys followed a nurse through to the curtained off movies sexe russian bed in sexy russian girls the emergency room. Rian looked fragile laying on the russian puberty porn hospital bed with a russian women hot saline drip coming out of his hand and a bruised and russian girl blowjob beaten face. Jake and Tristian hurried over to russian slaves see him and Rian opened russian women marriage one big beautiful yet sleepy eye."They russian undrage girls called the police nude russian escort didn't russian kids nude pictures they?" He croaked out."Don't worry about that now." Tristian told him as he and Naked russian amateur Jake gently took a hand each."Dad's sorting it out."Rian's eye closed tetris russian theme again and he fell russian kid rape xxx asleep."You stay here, I'm going to see russian ladies if dad's lawyers turned up."Jake nodded then turned his attention back russian barely legal porn to Rian."Jake?" Came a very sleepy voice a minute later."Yes?""Can you stroke my hair again?" The voice sounded so sweet and innocent that Jake quickly complied."Of course.
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